Boards & Commissions

Colerain Township has two permanent standing committees, whose members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may, at any time, establish and appoint Ad Hoc Committees or Ex Officio Committees as needed. These committees include, and are not limited to the following:

Colerain Community Improvement Corporation

Colerain Township is now accepting applications for citizen representatives to the Colerain Township Community Improvement Corporation (CIC). To learn more about the CIC, please visit the Code of Regulations.


Tax Incentive Review Council

Ohio Revised Code 5709.85 requires the Township to create a Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC) to review all existing Township tax incentives on an annual basis. The TIRC makes recommendations to a legislative body – either the County Commissioners or Township Trustees – who then decide whether or not to continue the incentive. Prior to 2020, the Township partnered with HCDC to conduct a TIRC according to RC 5709.85 (A) (2). Starting in 2020, the Township will host a local TIRC under RC 5709.85 (A) (3) in which the TIRC consists of 5 individuals: the 3 Township Trustees, the Hamilton County Auditor or their designee and an individual appointed by the NWLSD.  This “Township” TIRC would make recommendations to the Board of Township Trustees who would then decide whether or not to continue the incentives.  This brings the decision-making authority back to the Township and allows for more local control and transparency.

The Township has entered into three Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Agreements that are currently active – Groesbeck Skates, TNG Retail Dill (the former Dillards), and Northgate X (the theater). The Township has also established several TIF Districts currently active – Colerain Town Center TIF (AKA Struble Road Industrial Park), Duke TIF, Northridge TIF (AKA Sovereign Road Development), Zillig TIF, Hunters Ridge TIF, Copper Creek TIF, Dunlap Grove TIF, Abbeytown TIF, Crosely Meadows TIF, Lake Gloria TIF, and Kroger TIF.

Joint Economic Development District Board

The Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) Board meets to review the existing JEDD with the City of Cheviot for the Liberty Nursing Health Care site. To learn more about the JEDD, please view the establishing documents

Records Commission

The Colerain Township Records Commission consists of the President of the Board of Trustees and Township Fiscal Officer per ORC 149.42. The Records Commission will periodically meet to review all records retention schedules. Please view our current records retention schedules for more information.