Zone Change Process

Informal Concept Plan Review

In most cases, an informal review before the Zoning Commission is recommended. The Zoning Commission provides feedback and may alert the applicant to potential concerns or suggest improvements to the plans.

Please note that zone map amendments proposed by property owners are generally changes to Planned Districts. This allows the Township and other agencies to review the proposed use of the property and to identify any potential issues before approving a zone map amendment. Planned Districts are also designed to encourage more flexible, creative, and coordinated projects. The zone change will, therefore, include a development plan process in conjunction with the district change.

Submission of the Application

The applicant provides detailed plans, including a site survey and intended building plans to the Development Department. Copies of the application are distributed to various agencies including the Hamilton Regional Planning Commission, the County Engineer, the County Public Works, the General Health District, the Soil Conservation Service, the Metropolitan Sewer District, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Colerain Township Fire Safety Officer, and the Colerain Township Public Works Department for their review. These agencies may choose to provide comments, including any specific conditions they may impose on the proposed plan.

Review by the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission

The Regional Planning Commission sometimes provides a recommendation to the Township regarding the application. The meeting of the Regional Planning Commission, while an open public meeting, is not a public hearing, but comments are accepted from those attending.

Public Hearing Before the Colerain Township Zoning Commission

The Colerain Township Zoning Commission makes a recommendation to the Township Trustees following its public hearing. Staff and the applicant present information on the proposal. In addition, all property owners within a two hundred foot radius of the property being considered for a Zone Change are sent certified notices approximately 5 weeks before the public hearing. This notice advises the property owners of their right to be heard at the public meeting before the Regional Planning Commission as well as the public hearing before the Colerain Township Zoning Commission. A Legal Notice of Public Hearing is also placed in the newspaper at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. 

Public Hearing Before the Colerain Township Board of Trustees

A written recommendation of the Zoning Commission is sent to the Trustees within 30 days after the Commission’s public hearing date, and the Trustees’ hearing must occur within 30 days of receipt of the written recommendation from the Zoning Commission. Certified letters are again sent out to the surrounding property owners at least 10 days in advance of the hearing date.

Within 20 days after the conclusion its public hearing, the Board of Trustees shall either adopt or deny the recommendations of the Zoning Commission, or adopt some modification thereof. In the event the Board denies or modifies the recommendation of the Zoning Commission, a majority vote of the Trustees is required. The decision of the Board of Trustees becomes effective in 30 days, unless a referendum by those opposing the decision is filed within that 30-day period.

Public Meeting with the Colerain Township Zoning Commission

For a Planned District, the applicant then provides a Final Development Plan (FDP) with final site plans, landscaping and buffering, building plans, signage, etc. to the Development Department. 

Additional Information

For additional information, please see Articles 4.3 and 4.5 of the Zoning Resolution (PDF) or contact the Colerain Township Department of Development at 513-385-7505.

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