Trash, Recycling & Composting

In August and September 2015, Colerain, Ross and Springfield townships voted to approve Rumpke as the official waste and recycling service provider for township residents. Rumpke service for residents in all three townships began April 1, 2016.

For residents living in condominium and apartment complexes that do not offer recycling, you can drop off your recycling at the following Colerain Township fire station locations:

Station 25 – Northgate Area
3251 Springdale Rd.
Colerain Township, Ohio 45251
Directions & Map

Station 26 – Groesbeck Area
336 West Galbraith Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239
Phone: 513.741.7551
Directions and Map
Station 102 – Dunlap Area
11474 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45252
Phone: 513.245.5450
Directions and Map
Station 103 – Peachgrove Area
6000 Thompson Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45247
Phone: 513.245.5444
Directions and Map

Station 109 – Pleasant Run Area
2850 West Kemper
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251
Phone: 513.674.2490
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Colerain Township has a population of 59,239 people with 24,621 housing units. While not all households will utilize the composting hub, all of the residents will indirectly benefit from less waste going into the landfill located in our community. In 2022, Colerain Township teamed up with Hamilton County R3source and GoZero to create a composting program that is FREE to Colerain Township residents. The Composting Station is located behind the Colerain Township Senior Center. Residents may pick up a FREE composting bucket and empty it at the Composting Station at their leisure. For more information, please call 513. 385.7500

Residents can find a full list of what can be composted through GoZero here:

The Compost Station is located behind the Senior Center at 4300 Springdale Rd.