Rules & Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Colerain Township Board of Trustees by Resolution Number 16-10:

  1. Hours of Operation: All Colerain Township Parks shall be open from dawn to dusk or at such other times as the Colerain Township Board of Trustees, or their designated representative, authorizes.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the parks, except in shelters and then only when such shelters are rented pursuant to the Designated Shelter Rental Program.
  3. No glass containers permitted within the parks.
  4. Speed limit in all Township parks is 10 mph.
  5. No motor vehicles or motor assisted vehicles, other than park maintenance or public safety vehicles, shall be operated in a park area not specifically designated or designed for vehicular use.
  6. Vehicle parking shall be restricted to park users only, and shall be prohibited during hours when the park is closed. Vehicles parked in violation of this rule are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  7. Skateboards, roller blades, skates, bicycles or other objects with wheels are permitted on paths so long as they do not interfere with pedestrian traffic.
  8. Pets must remain on a leash (maximum six feet in length), kept under physical control at all times, and not be a nuisance or a danger to other park users. Pet owners are required to remove their pet’s fecal deposits from the park grounds and place their waste in a suitable receptacle. No pets are permitted in play equipment areas or on baseball fields.
  9. There shall be no open fires, except fires set for the purpose of cooking in containers specifically designed for cooking. However, fires specifically approved by the Colerain Township Fire Department for other purposes are permitted.
  10. Camping is prohibited unless prior written permission is given by the Colerain Township Parks and Services Department.
  11. Shelters are available for a rental fee. All other picnic areas and picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis unless otherwise determined by the Colerain Township Board of Trustees or their designated representative.
  12. All sport activity areas, when not otherwise reserved for scheduled sport play, shall be available on a first come, first served basis.
  13. Athletic fields may be closed by the Colerain Township Parks and Services Department when weather conditions present a risk of injury to the participants, or of damage to the field or other facilities, in the sole discretion of the Parks and Services Department.
  14. There shall be no dumping or littering within the parks.
  15. No person shall do any begging, hawking, peddling, or soliciting within the parks.
  16. Discharging firearms, air rifles, pistols, slingshots, paint ball guns, or other missile throwing devices including archery equipment is prohibited within the parks. Hunting is prohibited within the parks.
  17. Discharging of fireworks in parks is prohibited, except by a licensed professional exhibitor, pursuant to agreement with the Township.
  18. No person shall damage, deface, disturb, or befoul any land, structure, equipment or fixture of a Township park.
  19. No person shall make unreasonable noise, or profane, obscene or offensively coarse utterances, gestures or displays, or communicate any unwarranted and grossly abusive language to any person.
  20. No person shall remain in the parks who does not abide by the these Rules and Regulations. Any person ordered to leave the park shall do so promptly and peacefully.
  21. Colerain Township has adopted separate policies that govern the use of specific facilities and features in the parks. Copies are available upon request.
  22. The Colerain Township Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify these rules and regulations as needed. The Township further reserves the right to modify certain restrictions throughout the duration of Township sponsored events as needed.
  23. Pursuant to O.R.C. 51132, no person shall use or operate any radio-controlled or other remotely-controlled aircraft, including drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, or any other similar device in any park or facility without specific written permission from the Police Department.

The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to protect and preserve the resources and property of the parks, and promote the safe enjoyment of the parks by all park visitors.

Accessibility Policy

Colerain Township maintains a policy of providing opportunities for all park visitors to enjoy its facilities and programs. Through concentrated efforts to upgrade existing sites and develop new areas, the Park Department’s goal is to have the majority of facilities accessible to park users. The Park Department will make reasonable effort, with at least one week advance notice, to provide reasonable accommodations so that people with disabilities may participate in Park events and programs.

Vehicle Permits

The Colerain Township Board of Trustees voted to discontinue the vehicle permit pass program. Passes are no longer needed for Colerain Township parks.

More Information

For questions, please contact the Parks and Services Division at 513-385-7500.