Memorial Program

Memorial tree plaqueThe Colerain Township Parks Legacy Tree and Bench Program is a great way to celebrate memorable or special occasions in your life.

The Legacy Tree and Bench Program is designed for those persons or organizations desiring to commemorate a particular event by planting a tree or installing a bench. Some of the events include, but are not limited to:

  • Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Graduations
  • Memorials
  • Recognition of friends/associates
  • Retirement
  • Weddings


The cost of a tree is $700 and the cost of a bench is $1,300. The cost includes a small plaque that will be placed by the tree or on the bench.

Selection & Maintenance

All trees will be cared for the Parks and Services Department and come with a one year guarantee. Our staff will work with you on tree selection and placement. To help ensure the health and success of the trees, all trees will be planted during the spring and fall. 

Suggested Trees

Scientific NameCommon Name
Acer rubrumRed Maple
Amelanchier laevisServiceberry
Cladrastis luteaYellowwood
Cornus kousa chinensisChinese Dogwood
Cornus masCornelian Cherry
Crataegus virdisWinter King Hawthorn
Koelreuteria paniculataGolden Rain Tree
Liquidambar styracifluaAmerican Sweet Gum
Liriodendron tulipferaTulip Tree
Nyssa sylvaticaBlack Tupelo
Picea abiesNorway Spruce
Pinus strobusWhite Pine
Quercus rubraRed Oak
Sophora japonicaPagoda Tree

Learn more about these trees and see photos in our program brochure (PDF).

More Information

To participate in the Legacy Tree and Bench Program, email Debbie Potzner, Colerain Township Events Coordinator, or call 513-385-7500.