Wood Stoves, Heaters & Fireplaces

U.S. Fire AdministrationEach year fire claims the lives of 3,500 americans, injures 18,300, and causes billions of dollars worth of damage. People living in rural areas are more than twice as likely to die in a fire than those living in mid-sized cities or suburban areas. The misuse of wood stoves, portable space heaters and kerosene heaters are especially common risks in rural areas.

All heating equipment needs space. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away. Supervise children whenever a wood stove or space heater is being used. Have a three-foot “kid-free” zone around open fires and space heaters.

  1. Wood Stoves
  2. Electric Space Heaters
  3. Kerosene Heaters
  4. Fireplaces
  • Wood stoves cause over 4,000 residential fires every year. 
  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions. Look for solid construction, such as plate steel or cast iron metal. 
  • Check for cracks and inspect legs, hinges and door seals for smooth joints and seams. 
  • Use only seasoned wood for fuel, not green wood, artificial logs, or trash. In pellet stoves, burn only dry, seasoned wood pellets. 
  • Inspect and clean your pipes and chimneys annually and check monthly for damage or obstructions.

Smoke Alarm

Finally, having a working smoke alarm dramatically increases your chances of surviving a fire. And remember to practice a home escape plan frequently with your family.