The Patrol function is under the direction of Patrol Commander. 32 officers, divided among four squads, patrol Colerain Township on 12-hour shifts. Officers are supervised by Patrol Sergeants and designated Officers in Charge. The Patrol Commander monitors beat activity and makes necessary changes to provide adequate service. In 2012, we reduced the beat structure from six beats down to five. Patrol Car

By means of crime mapping, we were closely able to examine call volume and criminal incidents per beat to help determine where our resources could be better utilized. Officers were better able to focus their patrols in areas that saw higher calls for service. Officers working their beat take more ownership and take a more proactive approach in deterring crime and responding to the needs of the community. Officers getting to know their businesses and recognizing when things are “out of place” are just two examples of community policing.

Northgate Mall Beat

Northgate Mall is its own “beat” with officers utilizing a “walk and talk” style means of patrol in and around the mall property. Officers who patrol Northgate Mall hold tenant meetings with the vendors and work with the Colerain Fire Department for alarms and other calls for service. They walk the interior of the mall and patrol the exterior 24 hours a day. Relationships with the tenants are helpful to counter theft incidents and to foster better communication between the various stores. In the past, officers would be responding to the mall to take reports after an incident occurred.  

Now officers can immediately respond as an event occurs. This approach has resulted in a much higher arrest, prosecution and conviction rate, as well as a reduction of dispatched calls from 1,000 a year to 400. Our relationship with the various stores in the mall has increased tremendously and has resulted in these businesses becoming more proactive in preventing and reporting crime.     

Problem-Solving Philosophy

The Colerain Police Department utilizes a “problem-solving philosophy” to address the needs of the community.
In 2016, the patrol officers responded to 50,800 calls for service which include dispatches from the Hamilton County Communications Center as well as from the Colerain Police Department. If a resident calls directly to the police department there is no dispatch cost to the department because the dispatch comes from the in-house computer. If a resident calls the Hamilton County Dispatch Center the cost is $15 per call which is billed to the Police Department.