Traffic Safety Unit

The Colerain Police Department has two officers assigned full-time as the Traffic Safety Officers. Their daily duties include the investigation of auto accidents, investigation of hit-skip crashes, and traffic enforcement in school zones and high accident locations. Officers in this unit also respond to citizen complaints regarding traffic issues in their neighborhoods.

Further duties include conducting in-service training; to include changes to the Ohio Revised Code’s traffic chapters, OVI updates, and suspension code updates. Other responsibilities are the deployment, care and maintenance of the MPH Speed Signs and the Intoxilyzer. Certifications of the radar and laser units are also conducted by this unit. 

Officers assigned to this unit receive extensive specialized training in crash investigations and reconstruction which is the highest level of training available to officers.

Accidents Reviewed & Investigated

Officers in this unit review and investigate between 2,500 and 3,000 crashes each year, Colerain Police issues nearly 1,900 citations annually for traffic related violations.

Driving Angels ProgramPolice Officer Speaking in Front of People

Officer Quinn is also the coordinator for the Driving Angels Program. The Driving Angels program was created in 2009 for teen drivers. The program teaches teenage drivers how to be responsible with the operation of a motor vehicle. The program has professionals from law enforcement, Colerain Fire Department and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who teach the class. To date the program has been provided to thousands of students.