Rain Gardens

  1. Funds & Purpose
  2. Location & Design
  3. Plants

Funding & Establishment

Colerain Township, the largest Township in the State of Ohio, oversees ten parks and seven public buildings and facilities. The Township has partnered in the past with the Mill Creek Watershed in the installation of signs at stream crossings in the Mill Creek and Great Miami watershed. Heritage Park on East Miami River Road was designed to include a rain garden component.

Colerain Township continued its partnership with the Mill Creek Watershed Council to further our compliance with Phase 2 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to enhance water quality in our jurisdiction.

To that end, Colerain Township sought opportunities for a rain garden as a retrofit to an existing township structure as part of a Hamilton County Storm Water District (HSCWD) mini-grant project. The rain garden at Colerain Park was completed with funds from the mini-grant from HSCWD and donations of materials from our generous sponsors

  • Alvis Landscape and Golf Course Materials Inc. for donating compost and topsoil
  • White Oak Garden Center for donating plants


The rain garden site at Colerain Park serves as a demonstration and educational site for the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities for other municipalities and for local schools to visit.