Aggregation Information

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As a group, you have authorized your community to purchase natural gas and/or electricity on your behalf through a group purchasing program (Natural Gas and/or Electric Aggregation Program). Here are some specific tips to help you protect your account and personal information from NON-AGGREGATION solicitation:

The supplier(s) for your community’s aggregation program(s) WILL NOT directly market to any individual resident.  This includes telemarketing, direct mail offers (other than periodic opt-out notices) or door-to-door solicitation.  ALL correspondence (via USPS) related to your community’s aggregation program(s) will display your community’s logo on the letterhead.

Warning signs of potential scams:

  • Telephone and door-to-door solicitation:
  • Robo-calls of any kind that refer to your utility bill or account
  • Telemarketers pretending to know about your account status
  • Offers of gift cards, large discounts or other incentives
  • Door-to-door salesmen who introduce themselves as representing your community’s program or are sponsored by your utility (Duke Energy) or provide other misleading statements. 
  • DO NOT SHOW ANYONE YOUR UTILITY BILL.  They often request to see a copy of your bill so they can record your name/account number and switch (“slam”) your account later.
  • Someone who asks you to sign a document “verifying” that you spoke with them.  Again, this is so they can switch your account later.

What you can do to avoid potential scams include: 

  • If someone seems suspicious or you have concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the Colerain Police Department at 513-321-COPS.  Remember, to solicit door-to-door requires a transient vendor license/permit.  If someone does not have a permit, they are soliciting illegally! 

What to do if you think you’ve been a victim of a utility scam or fraud:

  • If you feel you have been pressured into switching you can:
  • Immediately call Duke Energy to rescind your enrollment
  • Wait until you receive Duke Energy’s letter acknowledging the switch, then call the number provided in the letter to rescind the enrollment
  • If you feel the person you have talked with is perpetrating fraudulent information you can:
  • Contact the PUCO at (800) 686-7826 and lodge a complaint
  • Visit the PUCO website at to lodge a complaint