Vacant and foreclosing Property Registrations

Buildings which remain vacant or unoccupied for an appreciable period of time become an attractive nuisance to children, a harborage for rodents, an invitation to derelicts, vagrants, and criminals as a temporary abode, an increased fire hazard and the unkept grounds surrounding such property invite the dumping of garbage and rubbish thereon. 

The use and maintenance of property in such condition and manner endangers the public health and safety and constitutes an unreasonable use and condition to the annoyance, discomfort and repose of considerable number of the public, is detrimental to the public good and common welfare, and renders a considerable number of the public insecure in the use and enjoyment of their property, and thus constitutes a nuisance condition. 

If a building looks vacant or is not occupied by human inhabitants, please contact Code Enforcement as soon as possible. We are here to help create lasting value in Colerain Township by guiding smart and attractive development to our commercial centers and by working to protect and enhance the quality of our neighborhoods.

On December 14, 2021, the Board of Trustees adopted a new resolution regulating Vacant Properties and Foreclosing Properties.  Click here to view active registered vacant properties. 

In order to comply with the Foreclosure and Vacant Property Registration Resolution, all Owners/Mortgagees/Trustees must register online via the link below and pay a registration fee.

Vacant and Foreclosing Property Registry
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