Megaland Playground Replacement

Have you heard of the replacementMegaland Playground Project at Colerain Park?Colerain Park Megaland playground

Many of your neighbors are part of thisexciting new community project and now we’re here to ask for your support too!

The original Megaland was built in 1997 and has been acornerstone of Colerain Park for three generations of users. However, theequipment has become difficult to maintain and is not accessible for all users.

The Township has secured a $150,000 grant from theOhio Department of Natural Resources to build a brand new playground to replaceMegaland and is trying to raise an additional $50,000 from local businesses,civic groups and residents so the new playground will be as iconic as theoriginal.  

In the past, our community has been incrediblysupportive and was successful at raising money and recruiting volunteers forsimilar projects, including the original Megaland Playground, Clippard Park“All Kids Can” Playground, Skyline Playground, Wert Family Park Playground andGroesbeck Park Playground.  We are eagerto bring the community together to rally around this new project!

We were hoping that we can count on your support andthat your company would consider one of the funding levels outlined in thesponsorship tab above. Weare truly grateful for any amount you can contribute.

The new playground is expected to be installed in 2020.  Call 513.385.7503 with any questions.

The Township recently issued an RFP for the construction of the new playground at Colerain Park. Below is a link with the bid specs, initial rating matrix, and responses from all vendors.


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