Colerain Avenue Corridor Study

Colerain Township has been working for more than 20 years to improve the conditions along Colerain Avenue. The resulting efforts have led to an improved vehicular oriented roadway, however has left much to desire in terms of urban design and pedestrian environment. Making a conscious effort to change, the Township would like to create a consistent, appealing and safe public environment from the City of Cincinnati limits to the Hamilton County boundary. To further improvements, the Township also wishes to partner with Green Township and Mt. Airy Community Urban Redevelopment Enterprise (CURE) on this effort.

In order to help facilitate this effort, Colerain Township has contracted with KZF Design for professional planning services for the Colerain Avenue Corridor Study. 

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The Colerain Township Board of Trustees accepted the KZF Report and Recommendations that are in the below report.


  1. Project Scope
  2. Timeline
  3. Existing Conditions
  4. Recommendations

Project Description

Making a conscious effort to change, Colerain Township would like to create a consistent, appealing, safe public environment along the Colerain Avenue Corridor within the Township and creating a safe and beautiful Colerain Avenue. In November of 2018, Colerain Township and KZF Design partnered to perform a study for strategic enhancements to Colerain Avenue: this study is the first real comprehensive analysis of the Corridor since 1996.

Overview map

Project Spotlight

The Colerain Avenue Corridor Study was a feature article in the Summer 2019 State of Ohio American Planning Association Newsletter. To read the full article, please click the link below:

Ohio APA Spotlight on Colerain Avenue