Department Mission

The Colerain Township Planning and Zoning Department has finalized their Vision, Mission and Goals for 2020. This year’s main achievement is to create connections however, the Planning and Zoning Department is catering its own department wide vision to revitalize itself. We are here to help create lasting value in Colerain Township by guiding smart and attractive development to our commercial centers and by working to protect and enhance the quality of our neighborhoods. 

Below is the department’s mission and values. 


Our mission is to be a model Planning and Zoning Department that strives for continuous improvement to the quality of life in Colerain Township through effective planning, zoning, development review, and code enforcement activities. In order to achieve our mission, staff is committed to:

-    Implementing sound planning and place-making principles
-    Supporting healthy and prosperous neighborhoods
-    Fostering an environment that promotes businesses and employment
-    Utilizing a consistent, responsive “Customer First” approach to conducting business
-    Strengthening connectivity and mobility
-    Protecting natural resources and historic assets
-    Promoting and facilitating projects that generate vibrancy  
-    Celebrating the unique character and identity of Colerain Township


Passion for Colerain Township
This is the cornerstone that all of our values build upon. Our team members come to work with a motivation and commitment to act in the best interest of Colerain Township. It is the basis of motivation for team members to fulfill our mission and achieve extraordinary results.

Own the Outcome
Our team constantly pushes ourselves to be our best. We focus on solutions and arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, dedication, and hard work. 

Think BIG
Being a model Planning Department requires unrivalled vision, innovation and execution. We challenge our ideas of what is possible and are committed to implementing best practices in pursuit of making Colerain Township the best it can be.

Team on a Mission
The Planning and Zoning Department is made up of amazing individuals, but it is only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We are committed to helping our customers by working together with equal parts humility and ambition.

Act with Integrity
We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what is best for our customers, constituents, and elected officials. We openly collaborate and communicate in pursuit of the best outcomes for Colerain Township.  

Be you! As an inclusive workplace, our employees are comfortable bringing their authentic, whole selves to work. Inclusion is more than just a word for us; it is a way of doing business. When all of the community is represented, all of the community wins!