The Development Department is responsible for many graphics:

Interactive Zoning Map

Colerain Township is the second largest township in Ohio by size and population. Click here to view an interactive zoning map of the Township. 

Land Use

Click here to view a land use map of the Township.

CAGIS Online

CAGIS Online is a powerful web mapping site that provides public access to key CAGIS GIS data. It enables users to create sophisticated maps tailored to their own needs and to query the underlying geographic information system data. The site includes street, topography and property base maps, along with aerial photographs dating from 1996 to 2019. Additional GIS layers can be added to these base maps, and users can add their own labels, graphics and comments. Reporting tools identify a wide array of information, including property ownership, jurisdiction, zoning, land development, sale date and amount, deed number, etc. 

OKI Maps and Resources 

The Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Regional Council of Governments has a large catalog of interactive maps and graphics for public convenience.