Special Projects

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for many other items. These items include:

Tactical Urbanism Mini Grant Program

Colerain Township is interested in helping promote creative ideas and would like the opportunity to reward hard working individuals or groups on their ideas that could improve the community. Amounts of $250 - $500 for project proposals are ideal. The Township will not pay applicants directly; payments will be in lieu of supplies or items needed for project.

Colerain Community Connector (MAIN STREET TRAIL) 

The Colerain Community Connector is envisioned to be a network of trails and connections through our large Township. These trails would mostly consist of existing infrastructure but future plans could include expansion into multi-modal paths. This will allow pedestrians, bicyclists, runners, families and others to explore the Township in a new way. It is an opportunity to see new areas and to get outside!

Connect Colerain: A Plan for Sidewalk/Pedestrian Connectivity

The goal of Connect Colerain is to establish and maintain a comprehensive and continuous sidewalk system in Colerain Township that connects neighborhoods and destinations to one another. The vision this plan sets forth is a sidewalk system that provides both service and support to residents, visitors, workers, and businesses.

Sidewalk Maintenance Program 

Colerain Township’s Sidewalk Maintenance Program has been created to repair and maintain Colerain Township’s neighborhood sidewalks.  The majority of the existing sidewalks located in Colerain Township were originally built during the same time the adjoining streets and homes were constructed.  After several decades, these sidewalks are in need of repair. The Sidewalk Maintenance Program is a yearly revolving project with the intent to complete repairs on all Colerain Township sidewalks.