Sidewalk Maintenance Program

Sidewalks are necessary for efficient connectivity and create a safe route within communities. 

Colerain Township’s Sidewalk Maintenance Program has been created to repair and maintain Colerain Township’s neighborhood sidewalks.  The majority of the existing sidewalks located in Colerain Township were originally built during the same time the adjoining streets and homes were constructed.  After several decades, these sidewalks are in need of repair. The Sidewalk Maintenance Program is a yearly revolving project with the intent to complete repairs on all Colerain Township sidewalks. 

Year One of this project will begin 2020 in the neighborhood surrounding Struble Elementary and sections in the Northbrook neighborhood. 

The neighborhood surrounding Struble Elementary was selected to coincide with the newly rehabilitated school building and the bountiful amount of usage of the existing sidewalks that are used by students and residents daily. The areas in the Northbrook neighborhood that are included in the Sidewalk Maintenance Program include the western side of Loralinda from Springdale Rd., Deshler west of Loralinda Dr., Palmyra Dr., Elkhorn Dr., Laverne Dr., and Hyannis Dr. to Pippin Rd.  This portion was selected because of the connection from Springdale Rd. to Pippin Rd., as it plays an important role as it connects two major neighborhood thoroughfares to one another.   

Below is a map highlighting all of the Township Streets and sidewalks along with County or State owned streets.


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