Nuisance Complaint Process (Tall Grass & Trash)

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 505.87, the Zoning Inspector responds to nuisance complaints, including: 

  • Debris in Yards
  • Refuse
  • Tall Grass
  • Trash
  • Weeds

Please note that following this legal process can take up to eight weeks due to notification and Trustee action requirements.


  1. Upon receiving a complaint, the Inspector visits the property and takes photographs to document the conditions. If the owner or occupant is not available to receive the notice, a letter is sent to the property owner asking for the violation to be corrected.
  2. After seven days, the site is re-inspected. If the violation has not been corrected (grass cut, trash removed, etc.), a second, certified letter of violation is sent to the owner.
  3. If the violation remains seven days after any lien holders are notified, the Trustees pass a Resolution officially declaring a nuisance and ordering that the nuisance be abated. Again, for houses known to be vacant, the Resolution is completed while the notification process is underway, to allow for fastest response.
  4. Seven days after the Trustees Resolution, the property is re-inspected. Any violation remaining at this time will be corrected by the Township, with the cost of the abatement placed on the owner’s property tax bill.

Filing a Complaint

Complaints may be made anonymously either by filling out the complaint form online, in person, by phone, or by regular or email. For additional information, please contact the Colerain Township Zoning Department at 513-385-CODE (513-385-2633).

Service Requests

When completing a Service Request, please give as much information as possible.  If there are multiple Service Requests for a property, please complete a Service Request for each Violation.  Certain Violations follow different action timelines. 

Before a Service Request is submitted, please search using the address of the property to verify that the Violation has not already been reported.  All DUPLICATE entries will be removed.

Click on this link to fill out Service RequestsIf you are unsure of a Violation or have further questions, email or call 513-385-2633.