Zoning Violations

Zoning Violations are infractions on a property that are not complaint with the Colerain Township Zoning Resolution. Typical Zoning Violations include:

  • Building or constructing an improvement on a property without a Zoning Certificate
  • Changing the use of a property without a Zoning Certificate
  • Improper use of a property
  • Illegal signage

Complaint Procedures/Service Requests

When completing a Service Request, please give as much information as possible.  If there are multiple Service Requests for a property, please complete a Service Request for each Violation.  Certain Violations follow different action timelines. 

Before a Service Request is submitted, please search using the address of the property to verify that the Violation has not already been reported.  All DUPLICATE entries will be removed.

Click on this link to fill out Service RequestsIf you are unsure of a Violation or have further questions, email codeenforcement@colerain.org or call 513-385-CODE (513-385-2633).