Township Facility & Park Restrictions and Closures

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Colerain Township has had to make tough decisions to close some facilities and put restrictions on others.  Below is a list that you may find helpful.

Administration, Planning & Police Departments, 4200 Springdale Road:

  • Offices are open at 4200 Springdale Road.  Visitors need to wear a mask inside the building.

Fire Headquarters & Public Services Building, 4160 Springdale Road:

  • Offices at 4160 Springdale Road are not open to the public.  If you need assistance, the interior foyer has a phone you can call to reach a building employee.  

Senior & Community Center, 4300 Springdale Road:

  • The Senior Center is closed for activities until further notice.
  • Rentals of the banquet halls in the building are on hold until September 1, 2020.  No events will be taking place, no viewings and no new contracts for rentals will be taken at this time.
  • The Colerain Chamber of Commerce rents office space at the Center.  They are currently open for business.  Call (513)923-5036 for operating hours and information.


  • Restrooms are open!
  • Shelters have re-opened, but with capacity limits:
    • Colerain Shelter 1: max. of 50 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 2: max. of 50 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 3: max. of 40 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 4: max. of 40 guests
    • Clippard Shelter A: max. of 30 guests
    • Clippard Shelter B: max. of 30 guests
    • Clippard Shelter C: max. of 40 guests
    • Heritage Park shelter: max. of 40 guests
  • Playgrounds are OPEN!!!  Stay distanced from people not with your group, wash/sanitize your hands before and after play.
  • Basketball courts are open! Again, please wash/sanitize hands before and after play.
  • Water fountains are closed. Park water fountains remain closed at all Township parks with these facilities. Plan ahead and bring water with you.
  • Traditional summer camp has been replaced with fun recreational opportunities this summer for the whole family!  Visit Parks & Rec Squad for information!
  • The Sprayground at Clippard Park is closed.  Typically, the Sprayground at Clippard Park would open on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Hamilton County Public Health says it must meet the same guidelines as public swimming pools including temperature and health checks of all users, limited occupancy and regular sanitizing. The wide-open nature of our sprayground is not conducive to limiting/restricting admittance or having one main point of entry allowing users to have their temperature checked.
  • Ballfields are open (when not too wet to play). Staff have been in contact with local sports teams on field reservations for an altered season.
  • The skatepark at Clippard Park has remained open. We ask that people not congregate and keep social distance, but area skaters and BMX bikers can still bring their equipment of choice to enjoy the skatepark!
  • Diamond Dogs Park at Heritage Park is open. The small dog park area is still under construction, but the main area is open.  Please remind your dog not to dig.  If they are as stubborn as mine and don’t listen, please re-direct them if they start to dig!
  • Concerts & Movies hope to resume at some point this summer.   No official word has come, but the Parks Department has our fingers (and toes, and those of us with enough hair are crossing it in a braid) that outdoor functions such as concerts and movies will be able to resume soon, with distancing restrictions.  Township staff are monitoring developments and will keep our residents up to date as we hear word!

Public Hearings:

  • Public Meetings and hearings have resumed, with restrictions.
  • Colerain Township is committed to finding a way for residents to be able to speak in person at upcoming meetings and to provide in person testimony at Public Hearings. We understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that several restrictions have been put in place by the State of Ohio that limit our ability to have traditional public comment at our meetings as gatherings over ten people are prohibited. Between the elected officials and staff members of the Township, that ten person limit is almost met.  In order to comply with the Governor’s order that gatherings of groups larger than 10 are not permitted and to allow for public testimony, Colerain is implementing the attached measures for the June 9th Board of Trustee meeting. In summary:
    1. You will be asked to sign up, in person, and be given a number before the start of the meeting
    2. You will be asked to remain outside the building until you are third in line to speak
    3. You will be asked to wear a facial covering inside the building and if you do not have one, then one will be provided
    4. At all times, the meeting will be broadcast via speakers and/or TVs outside of the building and inside of the building
    5. Only one resident at a time will be permitted to be at the podium to speak and to be physically in the Trustee chambers.
    6. Staff will clean surfaces between speakers and open all doors for residents to limit resident contact with surfaces and to mitigate exposure.
  • If you have questions, please call the Township’s main number - (513)385-7500.