Clean-Up Colerain

Clean Up Colerain


Volunteer to pick up trash in your community!  Picking up litter, either in your neighborhood or along major thoroughfares in the Township, is an easy & free activity that provides instant impact and results! 


Attractive, maintained neighborhoods are littered less and research shows they are usually safer and more attractive for new businesses and residents.  Picking up litter doesn't just make the community look nicer, it also keeps litter & trash from wildlife and from entering waterways via storm drains.  Added benefit:  you get outside and exercise!


Anyone!  Picking up trash is an activity the whole family can participate in, providing a lifelong example and lesson for children!  When people see neighbors picking up litter, you are not only leading by example and making them more aware, but you are more likely to inspire them to do the same! 


Getting started is simple and easy and you can do it for 10 minutes or all day - the choice is yours!  We do ask for people to sign up & report your success (links below).  Why?  For several reasons - it helps us see the problem areas, it helps us track volume of trash and the impact to the environment, and like stated above, when you sign up, you can see who else signed up and it becomes "trendy!"

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Tips & Helpful Information

  • Recommended Supplies include gloves and something to put the trash in such as a bag or reusable bucket.
  • Optional supplies can range from pick-up sticks/grabbers, shovels, bright clothing or safety vests (especially on busy streets), or even a broom!
  • Recycle what you can!
  • Litter comes in all shapes and sizes.  Cigarette butts, fast food bags, straws, and snipe signs - you know the ones stapled to poles or on flimsy stakes in the ground advertising businesses or we pay cash for houses!   
  • What do you do with large items like shopping carts or tires?  Place the item(s) in a safe location next to the street and call the Road Department at 513-385-7500 to report the location and items or complete a Service Request from the website: Service Request.
  • What about storm drains covered in random debris?  Yes - those count!  Even when it is leaves or grass that wouldn't normally be considered litter or trash, they are not good for the storm sewers or waterways.  Plus, they can clog the drain and flooding could happen when it rains (or snow melts).

Colerain Community Association

Do you want to do more?

Colerain Community Association (CCA) was formed and began work in June of 1998 by former Trustee Diana Lynn Rielage in an effort to make sure Colerain’s visible, public areas were always well-groomed and maintained. The group, which currently has about sixty members, is comprised of business professionals, teachers, community leaders, retirees and many more who come to the group with varied interests, experiences and motivations for participation. Members maintain property as well as pick up trash at Colerain Avenue and I-275, Hamilton Avenue and I-275, and Ronald Reagan at Colerain Avenue.

“We pick up litter, plant flowers, weed, mulch, and maintain these areas on a regular basis,” said Pat Newberry, past-president of the Community Association. “It is our goal to develop a sense of pride in our community.”

CCA provides fluorescent vests, garbage bags, and trash pickers.  Each clean-up normally takes approximately 1 hour each Saturday.

Contact George Isfort at to join and receive clean-up location schedules!