Firehouse Cookbook

Firehouse Cookbook

Eating and food are what brings people together. Since August is National Wellness Month, we wanted to put together some of favorite firehouse recipes for you to try at home!

Not many people may realize this, but since full-time Colerain Township firefighters and medics work for 24 hours straight (and then have 48 hours off), they eat dinner, lunch and sometimes breakfast together as a unit. Eating out can be a costly option, so many choose to pitch in for groceries and cook as a family.

There are plenty of benefits to cooking meals at a firehouse:

  • Easily customizable for those who have food allergies
  • More control over flavor and heat levels
  • More control over portion sizes and what goes into your food
  • Less money spent on eating out 

Please enjoy this culinary collection and feel free to connect with the Colerain Township Dept. of Fire & EMS to let us know what your family thought of these dishes!