Code Enforcement Review Board


  • Generally, meetings will be held at 6 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (please consult the Township calendar for exact dates)
  • Colerain Township Government Complex in the Colerain Township Trustees’ Chamber
    4200 Springdale Road
    Colerain Township, OH 45251

Purpose of the Code Enforcement Review Board

The Code Enforcement Review Board (CERB) is established to provide an impartial and fair platform for reviewing disputes related to vacant properties and rental registrations within Colerain Township. The CERB will review, interpret, and enforce the provisions, requirements, guidelines, fees, and penalties set forth in the existing Colerain Township Resolutions 117-21 and 126-22.

CERB's primary objective is to hear consider testimony and evidence presented by property owners and residents, interpret the Township’s resolutions related to vacant buildings and rental registrations, and issue recommendations regarding these issues to the Board of Trustees. This process ensures property owners and residents have an opportunity to address any concerns and resolve any disputes regarding vacant properties and rental registrations in a transparent and respectful manner.

CERB Members shall consist of five (5) individuals appointed in the following manner: One appointment by each individual of the three Colerain Township Trustees; One appointment by the Colerain Township Fiscal Officer; and One appointment by the Colerain Township Administrator.

Types of Hearings:

  • Rental Registration Appeals
  • Vacant Property Appeals


  • Jennifer Baldwin
  • Ellen Westfall
  • Steven Schafer
  • Gary Henson
  • Tracey Miller

Additional Information