What is a levy?
  • The Ohio Constitution states that property taxes shall be assessed at no more than 1% of value, unless otherwise approved by the electorate via a voted tax levy. This special tax is typically limited by the voters to fund specific expenses.
  • The voters establish a set dollar value for a levy. This is the maximum amount of money that a levy can ever generate in a given year. Therefore, growth in property values will not lead to an increase in tax revenue.

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1. Where can I find more information?
2. What is a levy?
3. What is a mill?
4. Is my home value the same as my assessed valuation?
5. How much is the tax and how many mills is the Fire Department asking for?
6. If the new levy passes, how much more will each homeowner pay?
7. How much money will this bring in?
8. How long will this levy last?
9. Who pays this and how?
10. What will this money be used for?
11. When will this go into effect?
12. What caused the projected financial deficit and why can’t you stay within your own budget?
13. Why now?
14. What will happen if the upcoming levy does not pass?
15. How will services be affected if the levy does not pass?
16. When will service cuts go into effect?
17. How can I make my voice heard?