How will my complaint be resolved?

Resolving Complaints

Each complaint will be resolved in writing. Your complaint will be assigned a number which will be provided to you. This number will be used to follow your complaint through the process. A quality of service complaint will be assigned to a supervisor and fully investigated. You may be asked to appear at our Police Department for an interview or it might be handled over the telephone.

Any serious allegation described above will be handled by the Chief of Police and/or either of the two section Commanders. This may include asking for assistance from another police agency or the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. In either case the complaint will be fully investigated.

After the Complaint Is Filed

Once the complaint is filed you will be contacted and thoroughly informed of the process that will follow. You will also be kept informed as the process progresses.

Upon completion of the investigation a report will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for final disposition. Once the report is approved, you will be informed in writing of the outcome of the investigation of your complaint including whether any non-disciplinary corrective action or disciplinary action was taken.

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