Can I have a bounce house at my picnic?

No. We do not allow bounce houses or other inflatables at any of our parks for events not sponsored by Colerain Township.

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1. Do you have outdoor picnic shelters that I can rent for a picnic?
2. Where do I go to rent a shelter?
3. What is the cost of renting a shelter?
4. Can I reserve the shelter over the phone?
5. Do you have to be a resident to rent a shelter?
6. What parks have shelters?
7. What amenities come with my shelter?
8. Are shelters sanitized each day?
9. Can I decorate the shelter?
10. Do I need an alcohol permit to serve beer at my picnic?
11. Can I have a bounce house at my picnic?
12. All of the shelters are rented on the day I want to have a picnic. Can I bring my own pop-up tent, tables and grill to the parks?
13. Can I have a disc jockey at the picnic shelter I have rented?
14. I rented a shelter but when I arrived someone else was in the shelter. What do I do?