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Rain Garden

Subfacility of Colerain Park


  1. Nature Area
  2. Rain Garden
The rain garden site at Colerain Park serves as a demonstration and educational site for the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities for other municipalities and for local schools to visit.

The rain garden at Colerain Park was completed with funds from the mini-grant from Hamilton County Storm Water District (HSCWD)and donations of materials from our generous sponsors:
  • Alvis Landscape and Golf Course Materials Inc. for donating compost and topsoil
  • White Oak Garden Center for donating plants

Location & Design

The rain garden is located in the valley between shelter 3 and the large main parking lot at Colerain Park. This site was chosen because it receives water from two drain pipes at the west end of the garden and has an overflow exit pipe at the east end of the garden.

Prior to the rain garden, the park was designed so that the stormwater would flow through this valley directly to the existing storm water drain system. The rain garden will now capture much of this water and any pollutants from the runoff and allow the water to filter through the ground and be cleansed of pollutants before passing into the groundwater.

The rain garden is approximately 53 feet long by 25 feet wide at its widest point. We designed the shape of the rain garden based on the water flow from the two entry pipes to the overflow exit pipe.

Plant Selection

We chose as many native plants as possible to inhabit the rain garden for two reasons:
  • Native plants grow well in the soils we have in the area.
  • Native plants have deep root systems, some as much as three feet deep.

More Information

Learn more about our rain garden funding, design, and plant selection.


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