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Diamond Dogs Park

Subfacility of Heritage Park


  1. Dog Park
  2. Double Entry Gates
  3. Seating
  4. Shaded areas
  5. Water
Colerain Township Parks Division is proud to announce that the dog park at Heritage Park is officially open!

Creation of the Dog Park

Heritage Park is a beautifully scenic and spacious 126 acre park along the Great Miami River in Colerain Township. Opened in 2006, the park has always enjoyed heavy use of dog owners and their canine companions, yet they have never had a space to allow the dogs to run free.

In late 2017, the Parks Office conducted a survey to gauge the public’s support of re-purposing an existing baseball field to be used as a dog park. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the Board of Trustees approved the Parks Division to move forward with the conversion of the ball field at the April 10, 2018 public meeting.

With minimal expense, the fully-fenced in, nearly 5 acre baseball field, which only had light use during the spring months, has been transformed into a space for dogs and their owners to enjoy year round.


The converted space now offers:
  • A double gated entrance
  • Shaded bench seating
  • Trees which will provide shade in the coming years
  • Waste bags to pick up after the dogs
  • Water access


Guidelines for use of the dog park are posted on the entrance gate.